BEAUTYCOUNTER Christmas Coffee Morning

Beautycounter Christmas Coffee Morning

Jody Hollis
Beautycounter Christmas Coffee Morning with…Kate & Campbell and Thorn & Thistle
Thursday November 30th, 10 am-1pm
2559 Orchard Avenue
Oak Bay

Enjoy coffee and treats while you start your Christmas shopping early! Featuring – Beautiful gifts of makeup, skincare & bodycare by Beautycounter. Kate & Campbell greeting cards, prints and porcelain. Seasonal flower arrangements and wreaths by Thorn & Thistle.

We hope you can join us!

Beautycounter Meets Mercedes-Benz

So many fun & informative Beautycounter Events coming up in the next few months and this one has me super EXCITED! I love sharing #betterbeauty with my partner & friend, Kari McLay of Tulipe Noire Boutique and we can’t wait to join Jennifer Karagianis from Three Point Motors and share our passions. 

I really enjoy doing Beautycounter Flawless in Five makeup applications, showing people that everyone can apply makeup that looks natural and beautiful. Plus, who does’t want to learn more about gorgeous, quality cars, Mercedes-Benz, in a non-intimaditing environment. Join us November 21, 6:30-8:30pm for a Fantastic Night at Three Point Motors – 2546 Government St. 


Lobster PEI Style


Well, to have a great lobster dinner you have to start with the best lobster – PEI Lobster! We get our lobster at Water Prince Corner Shop (, the owners and staff are so friendly. I love that they know my dad by name, his usual order, with some added down home conversation.

Dad says the best lobsters are not too big, as he believes the lobster meat is not as tender in the large ones. So we always get lots of 1-1/2 pounders and believe me they are perfection. To make the meal complete, make sure to have melted butter, homemade potato salad and biscuits – and your set! I always recommend crackers, lobster bibs and extra napkins as this can be a messy meal. 🙂

It is so important to prepare seafood properly, so here is the lowdown from the best – tourism PEI  – Seafood Preparation!

A little PEI Lobster dinner.


PEI is famous for its lobster with bright red shells and juicy tender meat. Once so common that they were used as fertilizer, lobster has now become a gourmet delicacy. Lobsters have ten legs, beady eyes, long antennae and a crust-like shell. The bright red colour characteristic of the lobster is only achieved by cooking. When alive, lobster are usually greenish-blue and speckled with dark spots. The meat, when cooked, is a delicate white tinged with red.

Where to Buy

Delicious lobster is available from tip to tip on PEI throughout the year! Visit for a complete list of lobster retailers and markets in PEI.

How to Buy

Lobster may be purchased live in the shell, or freshly cooked in the shell. When purchased live, lobster should show some movement and the tail should spring back when straightened out. Lobster that show no movement when handled and whose tail hangs down straight, are dead and should be discarded. When handling live lobster, be careful of the claws as they can give you a severe bite. To protect the handler and to prevent the lobsters from harming each other in captivity, the claws are usually immobilized by placing an elastic band around them. When buying cooked lobster, check that they are a bright “red-orange” colour, have a fresh aroma and that the tail section will spring back into a curled position after being straightened out. Lobster is sold as either canners or markets, in accordance with the size. Canners weigh between 1/2 and 3/4 pounds (250-375 g) while markets weigh over 3/4 pound (375 g). Lobster is also sold as cold pack (meat, frozen in cans), hot pack (meat, heat processed in cans), cocktail, chowders, paste, and whole, frozen in the shell.

How to Store

Live lobster should never be placed in fresh water or on ice. Under ideal cool, damp storage conditions, lobster can live out of water for up to 36 hours. They can be stored in your refrigerator for several hours by placing them in a large container covered with damp newspaper or seaweed. Cooked lobster in the shell can be stored in the refrigerator for up to 2 days if placed in a tightly covered container. Shucked lobster meat can be refrigerated for 2-3 days. Live lobster should never be frozen but cooked lobster freezes well. For best results, the cooked meat should be removed from the shell and placed in plastic containers, glass bottles or freezer bags. Prepare a brine solution of 1/4 cup (50 ml) salt to each quart (litre) of fresh water. Pour this over the lobster so that all the meat is covered and a 1/2 ince (1.2 cm) headspace remains. Whole cooked lobster can be frozen in individual heavy plastic bags. Place the lobster in the bag, being careful that the sharp shell does not puncture the bag, cover with a brine solution, seal tightly and freeze immediately. Whole cooked lobster may also be frozen in plastic pails with tightly fitting covers. Pack the lobster in the pail, cover with a brine solution, leaving a 1 inch (2.5 cm) headspace, cover tightly and freeze. To thaw lobster, place it in the refrigerator and allow 15-18 hours defrosting time per pound (500 g). To speed up the defrosting time, place the package under cold running water for 1/2 to 1 hour per pound (500 g).

How to Prepare

Lobster should be cooked either in clean seawater or salted fresh water (add 2 tbsp./25 ml of salt to each quart/litre of fresh water). Fill a large pot with enough water to cover the lobster and bring it to a boil. Grasp the lobster firmly by the back just behind the claws and plunge it head first into the boiling water. Cover, return the water to a boil and then lower the heat to a bubbly simmer. Lobster will cook in 12-20 minutes depending on the size. Canners will cook in 12-15 minutes, while large lobsters will require up to 20 minutes of cooking time. Timing should start only after the water has returned to a boil. Once cooked, the lobster should be drained immediately, They can now be served hot or chilled quickly by being dipped in cold water. It is important to cool the lobster quickly so that they do not remain in the temperature range in which bacteria multiply rapidly. If you wish to use the lobster in a prepared dish, you can now remove the meat from the shell. Lobster has an average meat yield of 20-25%. This means that a 1 pound (500 g) lobster will contain 3-4 oz. (100-125 g) of meat. It will take approximately 5.5 oz. (160 g) of meat to make 1 cup (250 ml). If using canned lobster for your recipes, remember that an 11.3 oz (320 g) can will yield about 2 cups (500 ml).

How to Serve

There are two methods for serving lobster in the shell. The shell can be broken apart using lobster crackers and the meat then picked out, or the lobster can be cut in half down the centre and the claws cut open with a large heavy knife. All of the lobster is edible except for the shell, the small stomach (hard sac) behind the head and the dark vein, running down the back of the tail. The green material in the body is the liver or tomally. This is excellent eating, as is the red material, or roe, which is found in the body of the female lobster.


Beautycounter Makeup Night


Such a great time with these lovely women for Beautycounter Makeup Night. Thanks to Vellar Chou for making everyone look so fantastic in Beautycounter makeup and Sheri Fraser for hosting us at her beautiful home. It was fun to see so many gorgeous women trying this beautiful, safe and high-performing cosmetic and skincare line.

Sheri1Our stunning host – Sheri Fraser

You can feel safe and beautiful as Beautycounter screens for over 1500 harmful and toxic ingredients (allergens, cancer creators, hormone disruptors) and is extremely transparent by listing EVERY ingredient in their products. Most products are gluten free, vegan, and organic. My friend in the US, Meg Dillard, says it’s “Chanel meets Whole Foods” – love it!

fnalltngLadies from Beautycounter Makeup Night

Top 10 Beautycounter Cosmetics used by Vellar Chou at Make-up Night

1) Tint Skin – offers a lightweight, creamy foundation that cares for your skin. The formula goes on seamlessly and blends effortlessly to cover imperfections and even skin tone. The most popular colours of the evening (porcelain, linen, sand and honey) from lightest to darkest.

2) Touchup Skin Concealer Pen – hides dark circles, redness, and other imperfections. Light colour was used on everyone and created that flawless look.

3) Matte Bronzer – delivers a refined, natural-looking glow, thanks to their shimmer-free finish -plus, they can double as a matte contour. No.1 used on everyone for that sun-kissed effect.

4) Eyeshadow Duo – offers a flattering, luminous affect because of the Porcelain Flower Extract. Most  popular colour duos – pearl/champagne, used as an eyeshadow and a cheek tint. Fawn/night, used as an eyeshadow, eyeliner and for filling in brows. Peach/bronze, the ladies loved the shimmery gold effect of this eyeshadow.

5) Powder Blush Duo –  delivers the perfect amount of healthy-looking, luminous colour. These satiny powders contain Porcelain Flower Extract (a Thai bloom known for its antioxidant benefits) to help moisturize the skin, blending seamlessly. Most popular of the evening was tawny/whisper but my favourite for blondes is the flamingo/apricot. The brighter peach and pink for the cheeks looks so youthful.

6) Sheer Lipstick  – most popular Lipstick colours of the evening – rose, coral, & twig. This beautiful hydrating lipstick can also be used as a blush.

7) Mascara – delivers dramatic length and definition. 3 years in the making this is a must have!

8) Cream Blush – brightens cheeks with natural, dewy colour. Jojoba ester and carnauba wax condition and hydrate skin, making the smooth, non-sticky formula easy to apply on the go. Most popular colour was hibachis and I love using it as a lipstick to.

9) Mattifying Powder – blends invisibly to set makeup, absorb shine and reduce appearance of pores and fine lines.

10) Nourishing Rosewater Mist – tones, hydrates and sets your make-up – provides your skin an instant pick me up.

thehehehSome of the most popular Beautycounter Makeup from the evening

Beautycounter also has a top rated Baby & Kids line, a full body line with products that feel and smell amazing for everyone in your family. So hydrating!

sssMore of the beautiful ladies from makeup nIght

Such fantastic news about BeautyCounter purchasing Nude – WOOT! 

The New York Times
FASHION & STYLE|Bono and Ali Hewson Join a Natural Beauty Juggernaut

Vanessa Friedman

After a week in which Revlon bought Elizabeth Arden and Mayhoola for Investments bought Balmain, now Beautycounter, the California-based natural beauty line, has bought Nude, the natural beauty line founded by Bono’s wife, Ali Hewson, from LVMH Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton. Bono will become an investor in Counter Brands, the parent company of Beautycounter, and Ms. Hewson will become a board member.

Details of the deal were not disclosed, but the move forms a potential natural beauty juggernaut at a moment of increasing consumer interest in health, well being and sustainability.

Ms. Hewson characterized the acquisition as the meeting of “soul mates.” She said, “It will allow us to really amplify the message.”

About their first discussion, Gregg Renfrew, chief executive of Beautycounter, said, “It was one of those meetings where everyone just starts talking very quickly.

“Actually, Ali doesn’t talk that quickly, but I do,” she added. “We just realized we had a shared philosophy, and this was an opportunity to take a leadership position in the sector.”

LVMH, which also owns Edun, the sustainable fashion line founded by Ms. Hewson to promote local business in Africa (“trade not aid,” as her husband likes to say), bought Nude in 2011. But the brand had languished since then, a very small fish in a big beauty pond.

By contrast, Beautycounter, founded in 2013 as a for-profit business but certified for its social and environmental performance, grew rapidly and is predicting $225 million in revenue by 2017. Investors include TPG Growth and Jeremy Zimmer of United Talent Agency. The brand is known for its “Never List,” more than 1,500 ingredients it has sworn not to include in its products, as well as its political lobbying for greater oversight of beauty products. Personal care products in the United States are still regulated according to a 1938 bill, much to Ms. Renfrew’s dismay.

Though smaller than Beautycounter, Nude’s global profile (and that of its founders) will be invaluable to Beautycounter, which is available only in the United States and Canada. Ms. Renfrew sees the acquisition as an opportunity to extend both brands’ reach, while also leveraging similar production facilities to mutual advantage.

Although Beautycounter has done select limited collaborations with other brands such as Goop and J. Crew, and will have a partnership with Target this fall, it is based on a direct sales model, with a sales force that could be characterized as a contemporary version of the Avon ladies. It now has more than 20,000 saleswomen around North America. Nude, which has been billed as a luxury line, is sold through retail outlets such as Sephora and SpaceNK.

Consolidation of the message will begin when Nude, which has its headquarters in San Francisco, moves into the Beautycounter offices in Santa Monica, Calif., and Ms. Renfrew becomes chief executive.

As to whether the acquisition is the first step in forming a natural beauty conglomerate, Ms. Renfrew said not necessarily. “We weren’t actively shopping the market,” she said. “It was just about a shared commitment.”

The bet is that the shared commitment will add up to even more than the sum of its parts. Or, rather, its products. Beauty with a mission meets the naked truth. They hope it will be a rockin’ combination.

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Beautycounter & Natural Deodorant Style

I was on Prince Edward Island a few weeks ago to visit my parents and sisters and I was telling them how much I loved my new career with Beautycounter ( I truly love the Beautycounter products, not only because they are safe (with an extensive never list of toxic and harmful ingredients to avoid) but they are also very high performing, amazing feeling and the packaging is outstanding. Everything that I look for when I am buying skincare and cosmetics wrapped into one beautiful package.

jodebcPhotos – Me and Beautycounter

However, at my last Beautycounter social I was getting a lot of women asking me if Beautycounter has a safe deodorant. Currently they do not and that is why I was so excited to be introduced to Nicole’s (from PEI) natural deodorant. My sister had been using it for a month and says it works well. She said she smells good even after a workout and had no reaction when trying it out. I have been using it for a few weeks and I have to say – thumbs up! This is a great product, now I am trying to convince Nicole to ship her natural deodorant out-west to Victoria.

nicole2Middle photo – Nicole Johnson and side photos – her deodorant and making the product

A little note from Nicole about her Natural Deodorant…

I’m Nicole Johnston owner of Nicole’s Natural Deodorant and Scrub. A few years ago I had a friend that was interested in using a more natural deodorant. It got me thinking about the deodorant I use and what my two young girls were going to have to use when they were older. I bought a few other natural deodorant brands but it just didn’t work with my bodies. I workout five days a week and teach classes at my local gym so I needed something that was going to work with me. I started making this all natural deodorant for just myself and my friend. Word of mouth took it from there. It took my husband 6 months to finally try it and he loves it. No more deodorant build up on his shirts they now wash up 100% clean. Some people buy two jars – one they use as deodorant and the other as a body scrub. The organic coconut oil leaves your skin feeling wonderful. I have a BSc in Human Nutrition and have worked in the food industry for years. I now have a small scale production line in my kitchen some days. I sell my product for $6 a jar. Having a natural product is a great selling point but having a deodorant that works this well sells itself!

The ingredients in my deodorant are Organic Coconut Oil, Starch, Sodium Bicarbonate and essential oils.

nlistNicole’s natural deodorant and Beautycounter’s never list

Unlimited Women Awards

Unlimited Women Awards ( was a wonderful evening celebration. It was so fun to get dressed up on a Monday night and to be honoured amongst some incredible women!

Laughing one minute, crying the next – such an inspiring night of amazing women, style and entertainment. Stories of unlimited women helping community, other women, supporting friends, loving family and mentoring young and old alike. It was full of beautiful moments with lots of emotion. Loved how we all got to dance with Bellyfit ( at the end of the awards. I am going to learn more about this fantastic community of women, who do so many great things 🙂 Thank you Carolyne Taylor of YoUnlimited and special thank you to talented, stylish and beautiful Pamela Sylvan of Downtown & Around for the nomination.

Dress – Bernstein & Gold Victoria. (bernsteinandgold.comParlour Hair Boutique Victoria (

Pamela Sylvan from Downtown & Around ( summed the night up perfectly and I even think that I might be the friend that she mentions in the beginning of her article – check out her post. It’s fantastic!