About me

Hi, my name is Jody Hollis and I am blessed to live in beautiful Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. www.tourismvictoria.com I started Living Hollis Style because I have always been inspired and interested in people’s beauty, health & style choices –  and I love chatting about it! I am also a big believer in health & fitness and feel it is one of life’s positives that shape our well-being & style. That being said I want to share my passion of safer beauty with Beautycounter.  Beautiful, safe & high performing skincare & cosmetics Beautycounter.com/jodyhollis that I am so proud to sell. I am excited about providing resources about beauty, health and style while learning more…from you! I also have some great contributors who are smart, fit, stylish and passionate about giving more insight into these shared passions.

More about me…

I grew up in another beautiful place, on the East Coast of Canada, Summerside, Prince Edward Island. www.tourismpei.com I had a lovely childhood with wonderful parents and 3 fantastic older sisters. Needless to say with 3 sisters I developed a love for clothes, skincare/makeup, shopping and dressing up at an early age. I am lucky to have such intelligent, fit, beautiful women as role models.

I did my undergraduate degree (BA, Econ) at Acadia University www2.acadiau.ca and this is where I met my husband, economics class. He is a catch – fun, healthy, stylish and super dad. I later did a masters degree (MBA, management) from St. Mary’s University www.smu.ca

We moved to the West Coast and had 2 children, Victoria and Kingston. Being a mom with all the work and fun it entails has been my interest and love for the last 10 years. It’s just now as the kids are getting older that I feel I can commitment more energy to my own personal passions including Beautycounter, Health Challenges & Community Events.  Victoria has non-verbal autism www.actcomminty.ca  and with that there has been many challenges but she has also taught us a lot of valuable lessons. She is my reason for getting involved with Beautycounter 🙂 Her younger brother, Kingston, is very verbal and makes up for any lulls in conversation. Life is far from perfect, but perfect for us.