Living Hollis Style – Health Challenges

Do you want to form some healthy lifestyle habits and join a fun, supportive online group of people while dong it? Join my Living Hollis Style – 14 Days of Health Clean Up Challenge and I will motivate you along a quick little journey of fitness, salad everyday (more greens) and no refined sugar. It is an experience that I am sure you will be proud of and just think how awesome it is going to feel to start the new year with some Healthy Habits. WOOT! This 14 Day Health Challenge is done within the above closed Facebook group starting January 15 – 29, 2018

So…what this little challenge means for us – cutting refined sugar, exercise everyday for at least 30 minutes, increasing our greens with a daily salad or green smoothie and no wine or beer. Natural sugar is fine and actually I hope with the challenge I increase my fruit intake. This means a lot of label reading as sugar is hidden in almost everything – salad dressings, yogurts, breads, drinks and the list goes on. Think about eating real food and nothing packaged. I am also going to stay away from sugar substitutes like aspartame. Starting January 15, I will need a commitment of 3 pictures everyday for 14 days to this closed FB group thread. Only the challengers in the group can see the photos but it shows up on your news feed like regular posts. You pictures will look like the above photos – 1 of your sugarless choice, 1 of your exercise and 1 of your green salad or green smoothie. This is important because it shows your accountability. Click the FB icon above and let’s have some Healthy FUN!!!

So excited that my contributor, Tracey Brioux, from is going to head up the East Coast Challengers. Plus, connect us to some of her motivational 30 minute exercise videos that you can do anywhere. Woot! We won’t have any excuses not to get our fitness in and more importantly to take a little time for ourselves to reset.

Health and Fitness Liability Waiver

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