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New Years Style

What are your New Year’s Eve Plans? Looking for a dress or something spectacular for that special occasion to look incredible in 2018?

Here is my beautiful friend and blog contributor Sandi Piercy on the cover of Tweed Magazine, Oak Bay, ( with some Style ideas from fantastic local boutiques in Victoria, BC.

I just love her in the Michael Kors cream lace dress available at Tulipe Noire Boutique.

Photos above by Kari McLay at Tulipe Noire Boutique (

Unlimited Women Awards

Unlimited Women Awards ( was a wonderful evening celebration. It was so fun to get dressed up on a Monday night and to be honoured amongst some incredible women!

Laughing one minute, crying the next – such an inspiring night of amazing women, style and entertainment. Stories of unlimited women helping community, other women, supporting friends, loving family and mentoring young and old alike. It was full of beautiful moments with lots of emotion. Loved how we all got to dance with Bellyfit ( at the end of the awards. I am going to learn more about this fantastic community of women, who do so many great things 🙂 Thank you Carolyne Taylor of YoUnlimited and special thank you to talented, stylish and beautiful Pamela Sylvan of Downtown & Around for the nomination.

Dress – Bernstein & Gold Victoria. (bernsteinandgold.comParlour Hair Boutique Victoria (

Pamela Sylvan from Downtown & Around ( summed the night up perfectly and I even think that I might be the friend that she mentions in the beginning of her article – check out her post. It’s fantastic!




Animal Print Style – A Call of the Wild



Wild. Exotic. Royal. Animal prints, bold, intriguing and alluring fashion statements that have lasted the test of time.

These steamy prints have been a fashion staple from the beginning of our history.

Well almost. Our early ancestors started the trend out of a basic need for warmth. Animal skins and fur were used as the first form of clothing as a matter of survival. We can almost assume we are pre-disposed to the trend. As time went on, fur and prints were more commonly used by the upper class and royalty as status symbols.

left to right – Liberator pioneer BettiePage was an inspiration for animal print to be sexy and fashionable in the ’40s – Mitzah Bricard, Christian Dior’s muse in ’50s was fascinated by leopard print – Jacqueline Kennedy the epitome of ’60s chic in Oleg Cassini leopard-skin coat – Blondie and her rock movement of the ’70s in leopard print jumpsuit. 

Couture fashion designers such Dior made animal print a popular fashion trend during the 40’s and 50’s. Since then, we can see leopard and zebra designs in accessories, home décor and jewellery.

Tips To Safely Wear Your Prints In Bold Style

Find your personal print and stick with it. Combining different types of prints into one look can be a major recipe for disaster.

It is always a good idea to start small and keep it simple–less is more when it comes to animal prints. Simply adding animal-print inspired jewellery, a key accessory (scarf, shoes or handbag) or one wardrobe piece (blouse or jacket) is all you need to spice up your look. Add bright spots of colour with animal print to make a bold statement.


Incorporate popular print colours into jewellery designs, such as using black and white or zebra beads to resemble the striking pattern of a zebra. Or tiger eye gemstone beads for a fierce style.

Bring this playful trend into your wardrobe with other animal-inspired jewellery, not necessarily animal print, but rather the animals themselves. Examples include snake-shaped bracelets or necklaces and animal charm pendant necklaces


Dressed up or down it’s still Fab!
Animal prints add a wild, exotic and untamed element to any season, giving you a boost of confidence and air of sophistication. Synonymous with luxury and wealth, animal-print pieces and accessories are considered timeless fashion investments and prized wardrobe possessions.


Thanks to Pamela Sylvan – Downtown And Around for the Fashion Friday style info and Lisa Sinclair – Vita Design Inc. for teaming up with me for fun photos – who does’t love Leopard print?

Victoria Shopping Tours Style

If you are looking for a fun experience with friends or a unique Christmas gift for your staff, look  no further – book Victoria Shopping Tours –  Victoria Shopping Tours with owner Jodi Bryans.

shop1All photos from Victoria Shopping Tours event were taken by Terry Paul from Driven Portfolios .

It is a fantastic time! You can completely relax and enjoy shopping in boutiques and dinning in restaurants you haven’t discovered or you can spend time in your favourite ones that you can’t get enough of. You never have to worry about parking or reservations as everything is taken care of all the way to an agenda of your tour. Picked up by a limousine you are pampered from minute one.

shopping4 Bottom photo left to right – Jodi Bryans, owner Victoria Shopping Tours ( Shannon Edwards, owner/operator Driven Portfolios ( Samantha Harvie, Shields Harney Lawfirm, Leanne Allen owner/producer/host CVV Magazine ( Jody Hollis, blogger of Living Hollis Style ( Sonora Angelina, editor Victoria Fashion Magazine ( Pam Sylvan, managing editor Downtown and Around Magazine ( Sarah Pool, owner Shoe StrapOnz ( and the vivacious and talented blogger Tiffany Auvinen ( who introduced me to this beautiful group of ambitious women.

On my shopping tour, I got to enjoy 3 shops. Firstly, Tulipe Noire Clothing Tulipe Noire ) in Oak Bay, which has an amazing owner, Kari McLay, who carries fantastic lines and beautiful quality women’s clothing – it is a favourite of mine!  Domani Fashion ( Domani Fashion Chic ) in Trounce Ally, Downtown Victoria, this was a new boutique for me and I enjoyed seeing the jewelry the owner designed and the fashions she imports from Italy. Finally, our last stop which I thought was so fun, with unique, funky items was Catawumpus Fudge and Funk. I bought a bunch of the homemade gluten free fudge and I am so excited about trying it. Yum!


We ended our tour at the marvellous restaurant Vista 18 vista 18 ) where the food and views were fabulous. I also got to share this opportunity with a group of remarkable ladies who are involved in media and/or blogging.  These women are super supportive, creative, talented and most importantly fun. I look forward to my next Victoria Shopping Tour and love that I can help plan a tour that is best suited for the experience I want to create.


More about Victoria Shopping Tours at

Screen Shot 2015-12-09 at 1.34.52 PM

Screen Shot 2015-12-09 at 1.35.34 PM

Screen Shot 2015-12-09 at 1.36.22 PM


Le Chateau Style

It has been so fun to check out, shop and model clothes from the Le Chateau concept store at Mayfair Shopping Centre over the past week. The beautiful and Stylish Jodi Bryans also gave Lisa Sinclair and I a tour of the newly designed store while explaining the current direction for Canada’s Fashion Retailer out of Montreal. The staff was wonderful and we spent hours enjoying the store and the launch party for bloggers and media.


I haven’t shopped at Le Chateau in a long time and I have to say, I am impressed. The quality and clean lines in both the merchandise and the merchandising make a huge difference in the shopping experience. The new store offers better lighting, use of space and you no longer feel like you are engulfed in merchandise. The freshly renovated Le Chateau is now a pleasure to shop in. It offers an amazing dress boutique, a shoe selection that is sensational (with quality leather options) as well as an extensive variety of fun and fashionable accessories. The office attire is also more upscale and the formal dresses are stylish and better quality. They have recently launched a new bridal line with the retail depth to dress everyone in the wedding – bride, groom, bridesmaids and guests. Le Chateau’s concept store now makes special event shopping effortless.

lccollage2Middle photos – The stunning Tiffany Auvinen of Doctors Wives Tiffany’s photos were taken by the talented Shannon Edwards of Driven Portfolios – 


I think Le Chateau’s Fall and Winter Advertising Campaign is brilliant, getting in touch with their Montreal roots. Love the colours, the 70’s boho chic and wrap dresses. If you haven’t been into Le Chateau lately, it is time to check it out againBelow are a few of my favourites from their current campaign. I bought the skirt in the Grace and the complete outfit in the imaginez and I have my eye on the boots in Miaou and the light blue coat in Mystere 🙂

Screen Shot 2015-08-28 at 2.02.52 PM

Here is some more information and pictures from Le News – Le Chateau Blog about the new look and feel of the concept stores being rolled out across Canada.

Le-Chateau-Fairview_header 2

LE CHÂTEAU continues to roll out its new concept store design across Canada with its newly-renovated location now open at Fairview Pointe-Claire in Montreal. Over the past few years, Canada’s fashion retailer LE CHÂTEAU has been in the process of rolling out this more modern and sophisticated new concept store design, including Scarborough Town Centre in the Greater Toronto Area, which recently re-opened in April 2015. This new retail space accentuates the brand’s clothing, footwear and accessories with its soft taupe and grey backdrop and accents of nickel and glass. Backlit accessory walls showcase handbags and accessories while custom footwear displays draw attention to premium leather collections. Merchandised as lifestyle niches from career to casual, special occasion and bridal, collections are more clearly defined for the customer and easier to shop. At Fairview Pointe-Claire in Montreal, the menswear collection mirrors the ladies wear section but in deeper, richer tones as customers are welcomed into the store with a dark wood presentation table that contrasts the bright décor. All the lights are LED, which don’t need to be replaced and save on electrical consumption. Look for this concept to roll out in other stores across Canada in 2015 including Yorkdale in Toronto, St-Laurent Shopping Centre in Ottawa and Mayfair Mall in Victoria, BC.






Jodie Tilley Style

As soon as I started my blog I knew I had to have this girlfriend in a post. She embodies Fashion, Fitness and FUN, is drop dead gorgeous and has a hot Aussie accent. I just love her STYLE and zest for LIFE! She is someone I look to for fashion ideas and is the one person I would trade my closet with.


Before her career with LifeCell Corporation, Jodie worked in medical sales for Johnson and Johnson, would travel once a month to Victoria and would stay with us. I can remember her walking down the stairs leaving for work and I would literally be drooling over her suits, bags, boots or shoes. I would be standing there in my PJs covered in baby goop and breast milk, thinking will I ever get to wear nice clothes again. Now she is pregnant with twin boys and still looks like a super model and has amazing style, not fair 🙂

Here are some of Jodie’s maternity shots taken by Andras Schram. His photography work is so gorgeous and unique and on Instagram @andrasschram. His under the water work and complete portfolio is refreshingly beautiful.

jt7Far left – Olive & Qique navy hat, Anthropology fringe scarf, and Paige Denim maternity sunny jeans. Bottom right – Jolt pink and grey vest from Nordstroms and “N” grey bandeau Nordstroms.

Life “Jodie Tilley” Style – The F Girl

My life seems to revolve around everything beginning with The letter ‘F’. I have an obsession with Family, Friends, Fitness, Food, Finding Fun, Festivals (the music kind) and Fashion.  So that about sums me up in a nut shell. So being pregnant with twins has now changed what most of those ‘F’s look like.

The Family is about to grow at a rapid speed! I am about to have one of my very own which is about the most exciting thing that could ever happen to me.  Not to mention all the fabulous new in-laws I am gaining at the same time.

In the Friends department, I see myself as relatively talented. I have the best friends in the world. I have many close friendships with the most genuine and real people that you could ever meet. They transcend oceans and continents and the real ones are there for life. Those are the people I just can’t get enough of and will always make the effort to keep close. However I am also learning that being pregnant somewhat changes your daily friend circle and with it comes a wild new world of twin mum and dad friends out there that I can’t wait to get my hands on!!

Fitness and living as healthily as I can, mind, body and soul is something I have always strived to maintain. Sure we all have blips but I welcome those and use them to learn from and build my physical and emotional fitness every day. It’s all about choices people! My favorite fitness activities include Hot Yoga, Spinning, Running and Ocean or Lake Swimming. All so good for the mind, body and soul.

Food is an obvious obsession for most people but I think I have obsessed more than the average person. I often plan what I want to eat the day or week before I eat it.  I love cooking and am a rather nutritionally aware person so most of my meals are super food based. But I must admit, my sweet tooth often gets the best of me. I snack in between meals often on sugary goodness. Especially dark chocolate or icecream. All in moderation they say….

I am a self proclaimed FOMO (fear of missing out) human. I never want to miss out on the Fun. So intend to commit to the fun times with friends and fam as often as possible. Problem is that being pregnant with twins I sometimes don’t know when to say ‘No’. So I can’t often pay for it afterwards. Time to start to slow down a little for me being that I am now 8 months pregnant and find new kinds of Fun.

I LOVE LOVE going to Festivals of the music kind. Mostly Indy music. So I try to get to at least one of the major Festivals each year. Last couple of years I have checked off Osheaga, Coachella, Lollapalooza and a few other smaller ones. The twins make that difficult this year however so I am just hitting up concerts for now. But look out Coachella, I am coming back for ya in 2016!!!

And finally this brings me to Fashion. Ah fashion, ya know I love ya but I hate ya cause you come and go so often and I end up spending all my $ on ya then you go and desert me again. Leaves me feeling used. But I am a sucker for punishment and I will go back for more of it time and time again!!! Growing up in Australia fashion was all about the beach, regardless of the season. We were there 12 months a year and there were really only ever 2 seasons. So Canadian fashion has given me two extra seasons to dress for!! I LOVE it!! Boots, hats, gloves, coats and big juicy sweaters were never a part of my wardrobe. Oh how I love having more seasons and fashion choices!! Now, I have come across a new fashion challenge being pregnant. Having a twin pregnancy means that I am growing at a much faster pace than the majority of single pregnancies. So I grow out of clothes within about 2 weeks of them fitting so perfectly. This could be a major investment if I allowed it to be. So I decided to buy a couple key pieces of maternity clothing that I will gladly pass on when done however the majority of what I have purchased to wear while pregnant is regular clothing thats in fashion and that I will be able to wear post pregnancy. Being summer, it’s important to wear loose comfy clothes, lots of flowy dresses, light linens and stretchy tanks. Then all you need to do is accessorize with a great scarf, hat, piece of jewelry, or new vest and there you have it, your basics have been transformed.

jt4Far left – Free People sweater vest, anthropology linen pants, havianas, Nordstrom t-shirt “H”, Prada sunglasses and necklace from jeweler in Manhattan Beach Cali.

Jodie is a photo addict like myself and has some fantastic photos on Instagram @jodietilley